Roald Dahl- Kiss Kiss, Macabre Short Stories

In these wickedly anarchic stories, Dahl explores the dark, sinister side of the psyche: the cunning, sly, selfish part of human nature that makes for unexpected outcomes and horrifying conclusions.

I have an amazingly fun new pass time, I go to my local Cafe and read one of the books they have on the shelf. It’s a book of short stories written by Roald Dahl, most famous for his childrens stories, but evidently his dark humour makes him equally great at writing gruesome tales for grownups….Kiss Kiss is testament to this.

Wikipedia says-

”Without becoming horror, these are some of Dahl’s most macabre stories. Delicately, the naive punish the wicked, but also the other way around. Most of the stories are presented as typical narratives, albeit with imaginative characters. The horror of each story is built around implication, and many horrific endings, involving death or unpleasant situations, can only be implied, since nothing is directly stated.”

I love going to the cafe, buying a latte and reading one of the stories, I’m half way through now so I really hope no one pockets the book before I get finished!

The thing I love about it is the fact that nothing is stated obviously, the stories are written with respect for the readers intelligence, nothing is spelled out too much.

Here’s a review from the ‘Good Reads‘ that seems to agree but has a WAY better way of saying it!-

”The beauty of Dahl’s short stories is his innate talent for saying the most when he says nothing at all. Massive chunks of story line are told through every ellipsis, of which there are many. Rather than telling you exactly what is happening, Dahl creates the setting, throws in a few hints about his characters, and leaves you to deduce the rest.

Another aspect that makes these stories so enjoyable is his ability to impart a sense of impending doom for every character. They may have sinned, have misbehaved, but when their comeuppance comes a-calling, we cringe and gasp as they are served their just desserts.”

Buy your Kiss Kiss HERE.


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