New Cushion Colours

The sales event yesterday went well, I didn’t sell too much at the ‘actual’ sale, it was a hot and sweaty Indian Summer day outside, surprisingly, wooly hats were not on peoples minds! but the ‘virtual’ sale was a  blinder, I’m glad my customers took advantage of the massive discount, I wish I could offer that more often, but it’s impossible, just a one off treat once and again as a thank you to all you guys.

I have been hard at work making some more cushion covers, pictured here. One in light purple and cream with a purple flower shape one side and alternate rows the other and one in 2 tones of grey, one side is dark grey all over the other is a mix of both, I also have another pink and cream one in stock too, almost the same both sides (the centre colour changes)

They’re on the shop now, but I need to get Nils to do some beautiful pictures of them this weekend so you can see how lovely they are. Go to the shop if you want to grab one now.


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