This Indian Summer Rocks!!!

Wow, I never would have predicted that we could have the day we just had on the 1st October!! This time last year we were back from Honeymoon and shivering in the cold wet autumnal temperatures wishing we were back in Mexico or California.

This feels like the first ‘Indian Summer’ I’ve experienced, definitely since leaving school, and I’m LOVING it! : )

We went down to Falsterbo where at this time of year all the birds migrate past on their long trip south, there’s all sorts of cool big birds around there, Golden Eagles, Red Kites, Kestrels and Buzzards, even storks and things, basically, if you can tell, I like the big impressive ones! hehe We weren’t there to join the papparazzi style banks of birdwatchers with their accumulated fortunes worth of equipement though, we were there to sit on the beach and picnic in the sun.

There was a weird sort of haze across the water making it look kind of eerie, which of course, I liked, it was like pictures I’ve seen of lake placid. There were plenty of other people with the same idea as our own but it was still nice and quiet, the haze seemed to make everything still and silent and we had an amazing day lazing around on the beach and I even dared a swim, it was freeeezing, but I like swimming in cold water, it’s a hobby of mine, hehe, think it’s all those Cornish summers I’ve had!

Anyway, all I can say is I’m well into these ‘Indian Summer things’ even though they’re rubbish for hat and scarf sales! : )


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