NotOnTheHighStreet and all that…

And so it begins, the sun seems to be in sync with my sales period. I was just beginning to wonder if autumn was ever going to happen and BAM there it is, I actually got to wear my cardi and scarf today without feeling hideously overdressed!

It seems to know just when things are about to take off for the collection, today was the day the NotOnTheHighStreet Fashion Guide went LIVE online and the printed version will be posted out to customers over the next couple of days. We have a small placement in there on the back page (not such an ‘optimum’ position, but hey-ho) with a beautiful girl wearing a Button Scarf. There’s also a header on the site with the image on it (pic above), pretty small shot but again, hey-ho, very stoked to be included in that! : )

I have also been trying hard to update everything on my own shop and the NOTHS store too, I’ve got the new ‘Mixed Button Scarves’ shot but need to get the images sized up and ready to go asap.

I haven’t ordered enough of the Hayworth Berets either, I’ve run out of Plum and Mustard already and it’s not even mid October!! -my crochet arm is going to hurt this year I can tell!

I’ve been in to see my girls in Tjallamalla and Flique i Underjorden to see how sales are going, the Cloche Hats have been flying off the shelves at Flique and I’ve sold a few Hayworths and a Bow Headband in Tjallamalla, I really need to get the Bows finished for Tjallamalla in Stockholm, but as soon as I make some I sell them online, it’s a vicious circle (with a silver lining of course!)

I’ll get those Mixed Button Scarves online asap and let you all know once it’s done. Once all this is sorted I’m going to feel so content, it’s an absolute mess in my office and my head right now.



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