SALE- up to 40% off


I’ve had some spare time today at last to get the eka sale up and running, the reductions are from 20-40% and will run till I’m sold out or the end of the month, whichever comes first : )


I’ve got some amazing new Organic Cotton items in, cushion covers, button scarves, mittens, laptop cases gadget cases and hats, I’ll get them shot and up in the shop asap.

I’m afraid things are a little bit delayed right now, we had a bit of a shock this Christmas, my Dad sadly died on New Years Eve, it was a shock because we didn’t realise he was as ill as that, he was in hospital with a collapsed lung, but it seemed to be healing ok and he was chirpy and chatting away to us on Tuesday trying to persuade my sister to get solar panels for her new house. The disease is called Pulminary Fibrosis, it seems that most other families have similar experience of it, no one knows what causes it or anything to slow or stop it’s progress, it’s just a horrid horrid disease that scars and hardens your lungs. Dad thinks it was a snorkeling accident he had a couple of years ago that caused it, he inhaled a lot of water and was choking and coughing for a long time, unfortunately he was on board a boat and so didn’t go to a doctor about it when he felt short of breath afterwards, we’ll never know what caused it, all we know is that it took him away from us way sooner than we’d expected : (


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