Navajo Backpacks

I’ve had mine since Christmas and moments when it’s not attached to my back are rare, I love love love it and am now wondering how many I can get away with owning, I also love the plain canvas ones, River Island seem to be the authority on both, I walked past a window with 3 different beauties I feel would enhance my life.

River Island Bags.

Here’s a selection of my favourites, don’t be surprised if I have one of each by the end of summer!

This one is from River Island for £40 also available on ASOS.

This is ASOS’s version for just £30, very nice indeed!

Blue and White Aztec one…River Island again for £28.

There’s a great selection at River Island, the best are in the Mens section, but there are a couple in the womens too.

This Duffle Bag is amazing too, probably need to own one of those too!

God, think I need this one too, it’s got Italian foreign student written all over it!


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