Marius Stool Covers

My new ‘Homewares’ department is really shaping up this summer, we have a collection of cushions, mug cosies, tea cosies and I’ve developed some seat covers for the Marius Stools for sale for just £3.50 in IKEA right now.

I have put the link above so all you have to do is buy the colour you’d prefer, Turquoise, Pink, Black, White or Teal (this is called Blue on the ikea site…that’s not 1oo% true, much more like a teal colour, way nicer than blue!) and then go to my shop to buy your cover for £15) this is a removable sleeve that you can re-use on any other stool a similar size.

You can choose your own colours for the cover, I’ve made samples of colour ideas for the pink and teal stools, but the world is you oyster, let me know what you’d like to have and I’ll make that for you, a bespoke item for your home for less than £20 : )

Get yours ordered now!




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