New House

Well, some very exciting things have been happening lately, it feels about time 2012 brought some good things to my door. So far the bad has far outweighed the good, apart from the arrival of little Amber into our family, my niece, such a beauty and I was lucky enough to be there when she came too, my sister Jane is incredible, I’d forgotten how double hard she is, she made the job look easy, well kinda : S

The most recent news is that we have bought an amazing little farmhouse in the Swedish countryside, it even has a little lake in the garden! I’m beyond excited about moving there, it’s so peaceful and beautiful, the house needs some styling, but that’s kind of my favourite thing, if it was finished I wouldn’t be interested I don’t think! I am looking forward to setting up a new studio there for eka, I wonder what influence the nature out there will have on the collection. My main aim for this winter is to get the collection a bit tighter and so I can get some sample packs out to sales agents to sell for me, I hate that part of the job and so many great people have offered to add eka to their brands that it would be stupid of me to pass them up for another year.

I do have one small concern though, I’m probably going to turn into Charlotte Gainsbourgh’s character in Antichrist, sorry Nils!


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