This Blog Is Feeling Neglected : /




I’ve been so neglectful of this blog since moving house last Autumn, sorry, no excuse except a super busy winter sales period and then I was just simply out of the habit, so bad of me, sorry!
I’ve been feeling guilty though and so I’m trying to get the blog onto my top 10 list of things to do every week from now on.
Lots has been going on here, the new house is amazing, I’m now the very proud owner of a garden that (thanks to the previous owner) is full of amazing flowers and a lake (well, small lake, large pond!) that is host to it’s very own family of ducks, little black coots, so sweet.
We’re planning on making an amazing studio/office space in the converted barn on one side of the house, with a bedroom upstairs or ‘Söv Loft’ as it’s called in Swedish, I prefer that name, it sounds lovely and cosy : ) But that’s all on a bit of a ‘hold’ till the Swedish summer is over I think.
The work/fun ratio is a little bit one sided right now, the sun is shining in Sweden and I’m 90percent fit after my broken heel, so skate days have been plentyful lately, it feels like you can’t be sure when the good weather will end so it’s a case of dropping everything and getting out there while you can…which I excel at! (one of my unfortunate life skills)


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