New Year – So much going on…and then.


Well, as is the general feeling of N.Y it’s a time for refection and new plans and ideas, I love the fresh feeling you have when you approach work after New Year.. even though I’ve not really stopped with sock making all through Christmas and New Year! haha so my ‘New Year feeling’ has been a little delayed!

original_2015-year-planner-new original_weekly-planner-pad

Armed with my Lollipop Designs year planner and week planner on my desk, this week I downloaded the NOTHS yearly business planning spreadsheets and my sketchbook is filling up with new ideas and plans to develop the existing range too. It’s such a fun time of year when you feel so energised by looking forward and planning the year and making samples for the new collection….. then BAM… you get the flue and end up feeling rubbish for a week and literally only doing the least possible to ‘put out fires’ and deal with orders. Ooph, I hate it when that happens, sickness is something I’m not used to or any good at, unless I feel 100% I just want to sulk and lie under a duvet cursing life. All I’ve been doing is dragging my ass out to walk the poor bored dog, she doesn’t know what hit her, no fun or activation, not ideal for a Collie cross!

So, here’s to a more productive week starting Monday! I’m already pretty behind with my samples so I really need to get on it : S


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