Dressing Elves

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 21.54.38.png

This time last month I was crocheting like a maniac to get a box of ‘Elf Booties’ off to NotOnTheHighStreet in time for the ‘StylistLIVE’ event that happened this weekend.

I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ll say one thing, there’s some blood, sweat and a few tears woven into those turquoise booties complete with jingling bells on the toes. I felt so relieved when I read the ‘your parcel has been delivered’ message on the TNT tracking page, not sure how long I’d been holding my breath for, maybe 6 days : /

My reward has been seeing all of the lovely images on Instagram and Twitter, I feel like it was an enormous achievement for me to manage to make them in the time, especially with my little side kick and all the previous arrangements that couldn’t be put on hold, one being Tilda’s First Birthday and another being an epic holiday to Crete (deadline was the day we left for Greece, boy I earned that holiday! haha, so worth it.

photo credits to the following instagram accounts – Liz Warwick, Fairycakejo, Lauragrieve


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