Maximising Time – New Way Of Working

I’ve been so awful at keeping up this blog since little Tilda arrived, I’m sorry.

Life hasn’t been so easy to juggle and I’m learning a lot about who I am and how I work, now that I am trying to do the most important job of all, parenting, I have found it hard to fit anything else in tbh : /

I now get 2 days a week when Nils takes care of Tilda and I escape to an office in Malmo where I get to focus 100% on eka. It’s not been easy to jump between the two versions of myself but with the help of practice, ‘to do’ lists and idea notes I am getting much better at putting the right hat on each day!

I really feel like organisation is key in juggling everything, gone are the days that I can sit waiting for inspiration embarking upon virtual journeys for hours reading blogs and pondering pinterest boards, I need to maximise each moment I get to work. Priority is key, I’m working towards making certain that each item I have in the collection is working it’s hardest in each shop (BigCartel, Etsy, NotOnTheHighStreet, HardToFind and GiftWrappedAndGorgeous) I have copy writing and photography high on my list of importance so that once that’s done I can shift my focus towards more newness and development.

I am also looking for some help to put my designs into written patterns for how to kits, do you know how to write crochet patterns? – contact me if you’re interested.


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