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So, behind the scenes a lot has been going on here. On the 23rd September we welcomed a little girl into the world. It’s been incredible to experience such a great pregnancy and birth supported by the lovely midwives here, they were 100% behind my desire for a natural birth, even when my natal hypnotherapy meditation made me relax way too much and stall the pushing contractions! : S (I think I shouldn’t have been falling asleep to my CD’s… maybe I never actually got as far as the ‘pushing her out’ bit! hehe)

Life is great and we’ve almost decided on a name…almost!


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New Year – So much going on…and then.


Well, as is the general feeling of N.Y it’s a time for refection and new plans and ideas, I love the fresh feeling you have when you approach work after New Year.. even though I’ve not really stopped with sock making all through Christmas and New Year! haha so my ‘New Year feeling’ has been a little delayed!

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Armed with my Lollipop Designs year planner and week planner on my desk, this week I downloaded the NOTHS yearly business planning spreadsheets and my sketchbook is filling up with new ideas and plans to develop the existing range too. It’s such a fun time of year when you feel so energised by looking forward and planning the year and making samples for the new collection….. then BAM… you get the flue and end up feeling rubbish for a week and literally only doing the least possible to ‘put out fires’ and deal with orders. Ooph, I hate it when that happens, sickness is something I’m not used to or any good at, unless I feel 100% I just want to sulk and lie under a duvet cursing life. All I’ve been doing is dragging my ass out to walk the poor bored dog, she doesn’t know what hit her, no fun or activation, not ideal for a Collie cross!

So, here’s to a more productive week starting Monday! I’m already pretty behind with my samples so I really need to get on it : S

Mollie Makes – featuring eka!

molly makesSometimes the coolest things happen and you have to take a moment to really appreciate them before the moment has gone, eka in Mollie Makes Magazine is one of those momentous moments I feel like I’m not truly appreciating because this time of year is a manic whirlwind of orders and no sleep!

So, now that the orders are slowing before Christmas and there is time in the day to reflect on the highs and lows of the year, I’ve chosen to shout about this epic magazine and the fact that the chose to feature the eka Smiley Face Mittens : )

Here’s how Mollie Makes describes themselves-

Mollie Makes is a lifestyle magazine for those who live creatively. We bring you the latest crafting trends in easy-to-follow how-tos, encouraging you to adapt and share your own crafty spin on things. We celebrate creative industries and give up-and-coming designers their first platform. We discuss hot topics in the design world with lots of insider tips. And above all, we aim to inspire you to live your best, artful life.

Creative endeavors are more than a day job for the Mollie Makes team. From choosing gorgeous indie cushions and prints for our interiors pages to learning how to take beautiful photos for our website and Instagram feeds; customising our clothes to making gifts for friends, we’re crafting along with you. We love trying new things and being inspired by what you’re creating, wearing and blogging about too.

The Mollie Makes community is supportive, lively and full of crafty knowledge and like-minded people. Come and join us!

Readers can subscribe here:

Download the iPad version here:

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Cosy, ethical, fun. Haha, that sounds ridiculous! Sorry!

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I have a little interview on the AskHerFriends Blog page today. Read it here.

There’s also a giveaway I need to let you all know about, £5 and £10 off any purchase on the whole store with these promo codes!-

All customers, friends and fans of Eka receive £5 to spend at AskHerFriends, or £10 off if you are spending over £30 on ANYTHING at ; just simply enter the code EKA(for £5 off) or GILLY (for £10 off on orders over £30) in your basket at before midnight on 31st December 2014.
Photo: All customers, friends and fans of Eka Wear receive £5 to spend at AskHerFriends, or £10 off if you are spending over £30 on ANYTHING at ; just simply enter the code EKA(for £5 off) or GILLY (for £10 off on orders over £30) in your basket at before midnight on 31st December 2014.




Emma Watson UN Speech

This has nothing to do with eka, I know.
It’s just about the best speech I’ve heard though, so valid and so informed, we really need to stop the gender stereotyping which is destroying our society. Men and women need to work together for equality and people need to know what the word Feminism actually means.


Is there a machine that can crochet?


To date, there are no machines that can replicate the type of crochet that we do by hand. This makes crochet unique. There are knitting machines that can make knit items on a large scale to be sold in stores. The same is not true of crochet. If you see crochet in a store then you should know that the item was made by hand by someone in the world. It wasn’t made by a machine.

taken from Crochetconcupiscence.

100% hand made by an artisan, this is why I love it so much : )

”What does your brand name mean?”

I get asked this a lot, especially as I live in Sweden where the way you pronounce it can mean many different things… a strong ‘E’ at the beginning can make it sound suspiciously like ICA ..their supermarket chain.. not really what I was going for ; )

So, here’s the page of the Sanskrit dictionary that explains the word a bit and what it means to me.

eka mfn. sincere, truthful
eka mfn. single of its kind, unique, singular, chief, pre-eminent, etc
eka mfn. the same, one and the same, identical etc.

Penny is 1

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So, here’s a personal blog post, it’s just to let you all know that my ‘eka mascot’ and literally, the love of my life (sorry Nils ; ) Penny, turned one year old yesterday!

Hard to believe when she’s still such a little berk sometimes ; )